Prenatal DHA
Prenatal DHA is Algae DHA which is more suitable for pregnant women. Contains a small amount EPA. Research shows that pregnant women should take less EPA. EPA may Supports DHA derivatives during pregnancy and lactation. No gluten, milk derivatives, or artificial colors and flavors.

DHA is necessary for proper infant development of the brain, eyes, and nervous system. DHA also provides mood and nerve support for pregnancy women. It also supports brain development in babies during pregnancy and lactation. According for International Recommendations for daily DHA intake, we’ve add 300mg DHA that extract from algae. Our algae oil is pollution free and pure.

·Replenish DHA depleted during pregnancy and lactation
·Highest bioavailability of any DHA source
·Reduce risk of child developing rickets

Prenatal Calcium
Calcium is important for a pregnant woman. Calcium is essential to bone health. It is the most abundant mineral in the body and helps build and support strong bones. Other important functions dependent on calcium include: muscle contraction, regulation of heartbeat, and blood clotting.

It can prevent from losing bone density as the baby uses calcium for its own bone growth. And it helps your baby grow and fortifies breast milk. Our calcium is designed for pregnant women. It is liquid calcium plus Vitamin D which makes calcium more easier to absorb.

·Building and maintaining strong bones
·Support development of healthy teeth, heart, blood vessels in baby
·Help blood vessels transport blood through the body

Prenatal Vitamin
Prenatal Vitamin helps you prepare your body for pregnancy, nourish your health, and support your baby’s development.
Pre-Pregnancy stage: Supports energy production and mood. It provides essential nutrients you need to help your body be ready when you are.
First Trimester: Folate in essential prenatal supports healthy neural tube development. It helps facilitate healthy brain development in the critical 28 days after you conceive.
Second Trimester: Supports continual development. It promotes continued growth of newly formed organs and tissues.
Third Trimester: Prepares you for birth. It supports a normal birth weight and red blood cell production.

·Support the health and development of growing baby
·Provide additional perks
·Reduce risk of other birth defects

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