The light and soft texture of Botox-like Peel Off mask smoothes and relaxes your face. From marine origin, is extracted from green seaweed particularly rich in trace-elements (Magnesium and Potassium) and known for their sooth-ing and moisturising properties. In particular, will intrude into the releasing and the fixation of the cutaneous neuromediators which are : substance P, CGRP, Acetylcholine with, as result, a reduction of the contractions and a cellular relaxation. Moreover, it will induce a replumping effect by a Collagen III stimulation and an in-depth moisturising effect by a GAG (Glycosaminoglycans ) and PG (Proteoglycans ) increase. Its stimulating properties on the integrins, real cell–adhesion molecules, provide firmness to the skin.. Lastly, it goes to work as a real antioxidant and anti free-radical agent to slow down the natural ageing process and prevent moisture loss.

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